partnumber description
002504*577102B00000* TO220 HEATSINK 25.9 DEG C/W
032818*CLP207* Spring clip
032903*CLP201* Spring clip
033122*CLP206* Spring clip
033676*6038B* Heatsink for TO-220
034004*4180* Aluminium oxide ceramic insulating pad for TO-218, TO
0348557717-156DAPG, 14 leads,
034873*8302* PGA EZ-mount support for 2300 series heatsink
034942Mounting Pad, Nylon, 4 leads, dia 6.35mm, thickness 3.18mm
035185*8318* PGA EZ-mount Frame for 2300 series heatsink
035731# of fins 4x4, black anodize,
041717*533102B02551G* heatsink
041939*576802B03100* Heatsink for TO-220
042189Heatsink for D2 Pak (TO-263) power SO-10 (MO-184) tape+reel
042258*7020BMTG* Heatsink for TO-218 and TO-220 with mounting tabs
042639Heat Sink for BGA, 35x35x14mm, Metal Surface, Tape Type T405
043172Tape Mounting, 28x28x6mm, 5x5 fins, Green Anodize
043179*374324B00032G* Profile metal, black anodized 27x27x10mm
043181*374624B00032* BGA heatsink with T405 tape attachment pad. 3
309102*374324B60023* BGA heatsink 27mm x 27mm x 10mm, solder ancho
400070.heat sink
405141x*ML97G* Heatsink for TO-218 and TO-220 50.8mm with pins - bl
405151#*6073B* Heatsink for TO-220
406095*MAX07* MAX clip - nickel plated spring steel
406100*MAX02* MAX clip - nickel plated spring steel
406117Clip High Force 60N TO-220
406118*MAX03H* MAX clip - nickel plated spring steel
436940*6296B* Heatsink for TO-218 and TO-220 25.4mm
436945*6300B* Heatsink for TO-218 and TO-220 63.5mm
436963Heat Sink extruded black TO-220/218 L:25,4mm W:41,91mm H:25,
436969*6400B* Heatsink for TO-218, TO-220 and Multiwatt. 63.5mm
436974*6801* Clip for BW series heatsink
437064*BW502* BW series heatsink without hole for TO-218 and TO-22
437179*DIP1706* HEATSINK 14/16 PIN DIL 37 DEG C/W
437679*PF432* Heatsink for TO-220. Vertical mount
437703*PF750* Heatsink for TO-220
437865*SW382* SW series heatsink for TO-202, TO-218 and TO-220. 38
5022NHeat Sink Accessory *5022N* Snap-on Card Ejectors/ Pullers

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